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Choco Tent - Soft Khaki

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Choco Tent by INHERENT

The Choco tent is heavy, durable, and specially designed for cats and dogs. The round entrance of the product is inspired from the habits of cats and dogs who like to curl themselves into a round shape while resting.

The heavy wooden board and the firmly fixed wooden poles support the house from tilting or collapsing. Plywood with white oak pattern is used to add design aspects and details.The end of wooden poles is carefully polished with round corners for the safety of your pets.

The wooden board is processed with bending technique in a shape of a dish so that the bottom of the house can embrace and support your pets while they rest inside. 

*Recommended for small breed dogs and cats between 1- 6kg

Tent : 100% Cotton
Cushion Cover: 100% Cotton
Frame and board: Wood
Cushion filling cover: Top side-Waterproof fabric / Bottom side-Polyester
Cushion filling: Microfiber