Every cat deserves a beautiful home. So we're on a mission to match cats who have been abandoned or are in foster care find a beautiful loving home. We work with rescuers, volunteers and animal welfare groups to select a few special cats to feature on our platform and hope that with the power of the community, be able to help them find their forever home.

Know anyone who is looking to adopt? Here are some rescues looking for a home.

Meet Chloe

Chloe was found at the carpark and is looking for a safe home. Two of her mates died after getting hit by a car and with an injury that she’s recovering from, the carpark life may not be ideal for her. She’s sweet, gentle and loves to knead and make biscuits.


We're looking for a family that can build this sweet Buttercup up again. Our rescuer found her severely malnourished at the dumpster with dental issues.

Fei Fei

Mew kid on the block was found abandoned at Tuas View with a collar on. He is a big boy with silky silver coat and is only 2 years young! He is now with a fosterer; he is safe, comfy and loving. He has been sterilised, chipped, litter-trained, dewormed and FIV/FELV negative. Fatty will thrive in a home as the only cat, in a small family because he loves having all the attention